2015 Hyundai Genesis automatically slows for speed cameras

  • Image Credit: Michael Zak
Speed cameras are something of a foreign curiosity for many drivers in the US. Sure, there is sporadic use of red light cameras here, but the cams to catch speeders are much more popular in Europe. However, Hyundai might have created a way to end that scourge for our foreign auto enthusiast compatriots. The Korean automaker recently showed off a system on the Genesis at its headquarters in Seoul that could detect and automatically slow down for the nefarious devices. It could make many speeding tickets a thing of the past.

According to Australian website Drive, the Genesis' tech is actually a simple integration of already existing structures. It combines a navigation system programmed with the locations of speed cameras and the sedan's automatic braking. Drivers get an audible warning about a half-mile beforehand to slow down, and if they don't the car can do it for them.

Unfortunately, this potentially money-saving tech isn't leaving its domestic market anytime soon. "This is offered only in Korea and not planned for the US. In Korea, many cars with smart cruise control offer this and it is viewed as a safety feature," said Hyundai spokesperson Jim Trainor to Autoblog via email.

Obviously, the system isn't foolproof since it can only detect stationary cameras. If the cops catch you on radar, you're still getting a ticket. It probably wouldn't be of much use in the US anyway since we have so few speed cameras here. Still, it seems like the type of type of semi-autonomous driving tech that a lot of drivers around the world could get behind.

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