Rallying isn't just dangerous for drivers, it's far and away one of the most dangerous forms of motorsport for spectators. Because of a lack of runoff areas and barriers, an out-of-control rally car is a huge danger for the fans that line the track. That's a lesson these extremely lucky Polish rally enthusiasts had to learn firsthand.

The incident happened during the Kaszuby Rally in Poland, when a Citroën C2 racer attempted to round a corner going way too fast. The driver lost control, and slid sideways into what looks like a giant stack of bricks on the side of the road. Several rally fans were ejected from the top of the pile when the car made a hard impact, although only one fan and the driver had hospital visits, and for minor injuries, at that.

Take a look below for the pair of videos. The first shows the crash at speed, while the second one is a higher-definition, slow-motion video which also covers the aftermath.

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