Finally, a car bed for adults

  • Image Credit: Morgann Paull
Were you ever jealous of the racecar bed that the rich kid down the street had as a kid? Or maybe Ricky Schroder's on the totally-'80s TV show Silver Spoons? You probably thought the chance had passed since no spouse on this planet would ever let a bed shaped liked a car into the bedroom. However, there might be a solution. Furniture company Morgann Paull is updating the concept of the car bed for adults in a way that doesn't make you look like a man-child for sleeping in one.

The Consolatio Car Bed features a high-end design like you might find in a nice furniture store along with some automotive-inspired touches. Specifically, the headboard is mounted with two leather seats that Paull claims are perfect for watching TV or reading in bed. If you need some extra space from your partner for the night, there's even an armrest with cup holders in the middle that folds down. Of course, everyone needs more storage, so there are cubbies behind the headboard. Each one is made to order and can be shipped in either two or five pieces, depending on your needs, according to Paull.

"I actually got the idea initially while at an auto salvage yard looking for parts for a 1977 Jeep CJ7 that I own. As I was leaving the yard, I saw the back of these really nice black leather seats and thought, that would make a really cool headboard," said Paull to Autoblog via email.

The real challenge might not be getting it into the bedroom but convincing your spouse of the price. It costs $3,999, but you can always try to fall back on delivery in the continental US being free. If you always wanted that racecar bed as a kid and never had it, Paull's design could be your last and best chance to get one as an adult.

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