If you're of a certain age your simulated driving experiences probably followed an order something like this: Tonka, Hot Wheels, slot car track, radio controlled and finally (and at long last) driving/racing video games. We children of the 1980s had it rough, kids. Still, there's no denying that slot tracks and R/C cars had their charms, with cool, tangible vehicles that engaged a user differently than does even the most advanced console racer today.

Enter new-tech-meets-old-tech startup Real FX, which promises the visceral joys of R/C and slot cars, but with the ease and smarts of video game racing. Flexible, lightweight and configurable track sections guide radio-controlled cars, which make use of visual sensors and a kind of artificial intelligence for a heightened racing experience. Perhaps best of all, you don't even need another human to race; the Real FX cars can run in a Pace Car mode, providing just the kind of virtual opponent that makes solo video gaming so interesting.

The software can be programmed to include virtual tire blowouts, oil spills, engine malfunctions, mechanical wear and a whole host of other simulation-type experiences.

The only trouble is the Real FX is, as yet, only a Kickstarter project – still more than $50,000 away from being fully funded. Check out the video below for a deeper look at the mission, and decide for yourself if this is something your living room floor can't live without.

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