As auto enthusiasts, we have to accept that the general public is never going to embrace the manual transmission in a big way ever again. Automatics, CVTs and dual clutches are winning the war, in part because many people think of their car as an appliance. It transports them to and from work, and any way to make the drudgery involve less conscious thought is a welcome relief. The fact that modern automatics are often more fuel efficient than three-pedal setups isn't helping either. However, the stick shift isn't dead yet, especially if we take Motor Authority's advice and Give a Shift about them.

The video, which is a dead-on parody of Sarah McLachlan's ASPCA commercials, implores enthusiasts to keep the manual alive by owning one. Not only are they probably safer, but the tactile control creates a bond between man and machine that's absent with an automatic. It's certainly a welcome message to our ears and very similar to the Save the Manuals campaign from Car and Driver from 2010.

The manual transmission battleground is now in the world of performance cars, and enthusiasts at least have a beachhead there. The latest Corvette and Camaro both reportedly have a stick shift take rate of around 30 percent. However, every Porsche with PDK or similar choice might be one more nail in the coffin for the clutch pedal. Let's keep that from happening. Scroll down to watch Motor Authority's PSA and do what you can to keep the H-pattern gearbox on the road.

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