We all wish we had an extra $300,000 just lying around that we could spend on a supercar. And if we did, we don't doubt that the Ferrari 458 Speciale would be near the top of our list. It's hard, after all, to argue with 600 naturally aspirated horsepower churning away right behind your seat. Unfortunately few of us have that kind of scratch. That's where online configurators come in.

While these web-based customization tools don't exactly let you drive off the lot in a six-figure supercar, they can at least let you pretend that you're the kind of person who would (or more pertinently, could) do just that. And Ferrari's latest is among the cooler ones we've seen.

Like most online configuration tools, Maranello's lets you choose the colors of the bodywork and which wheels you want, but also lets you choose brake calipers, racing stripes and all manner of carbon-fiber aero components. Step inside and the choices are even more extensive, from the size and shape of seats to the color of the tachometer.

And in a testament to the kind of power Ferrari customers are used to wielding, the configurator even lets you move the friggin' sun to see how it reflects on the color combination you've chosen. We went with the above-pictured Grigio Alloy with Nero Stellato racing stripes, murdered-out wheels, Grigio Silverstone brake calipers, a select few extra carbon-fiber bits and an interior done up in dark tan with charcoal trim before realizing how much time we'd blown playing around. What combination would you choose?

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