Mr. Millen goes to Washington

Ever driven around DC? We have. And let us tell you, people drive like jerks in the nation's capital. Mostly because they think they're more important than you, and they're probably right. But Rhys Millen is out to put them all to shame.

In this latest video, the guy who Red Bull refers to as a "precision driver" (and who the rest of us would call one of the best drifters ever to burn rubber) takes to the streets of the District in his Hyundai Veloster Turbo. There he does what he does best around sites like Capitol Hill, Thomas Circle and RFK Stadium – the one-time home of the Washington Redskins and Montreal Expos (pardon us, "Washington Nationals") – all with a police escort of black Tahoes and Harley outriders. Scope out the action in the video below.

Hyundai Veloster Information

Hyundai Veloster

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