The producer of the Kick Gas documentary about electric vehicles is becoming somewhat of a convert. Yes, producer Tiffany Raim drove an SUV during the filming of the movie. But she's since gotten rid of it, according to an InsideEVs interview with her.

Kick Gas is the story of eight people from different countries embarking on a 4,000-mile trip via electric vehicles with a goal to set a Guinness World Record. The film, available via this website, was directed by Jonathan Becker and released April 22 (i.e., Earth Day). It's billed as an "adventu-mentary."

The film has received support from groups such as Drive Electric RVA, which is now sponsoring a June 17 screening in Richmond, VA. Additionally, the Route 66 Festival in Kingman, AZ, may show the movie in August.

As for Raim, she no longer drives an SUV and calls electric vehicles "a viable transportation option for the majority of people." And while she was unable to get Tesla Motors chief Elon Musk into the film (none of the company's cars were part of the film either), she called the company's employees "delightful" and is hoping to eventually have a Tesla of her own. Don't we all?

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