As Tesla Motors stands ready to expand its presence in the oh-so-polite UK, green-energy company Ecotricity is accusing the California-based automaker of being a little less than civilized. The term bullying is being thrown around, and Ecotricity founder Dale Vince told The Guardian that Tesla's communication was "very dark", "shocking" and "brutal." All in the name of some well-placed Supercharger stations.

Ecotricity says it had been in talks with Tesla about collaborating on charging station locations. Tesla is looking to deploy the first part of its UK Superchager network this month, but Ecotricity now says it was contacted by Tesla saying that Tesla was going to take over many of Ecotrocity's prime sites, according to The Guardian. Moreover, Tesla is taking advantage of information gleaned from a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), Ecotricity alleges. Tesla did not respond to our request for comment on this issue.

Tesla said at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year that it would significantly expand its Supercharger network throughout Europe in 2014 as it introduces the right-hand-drive version of the Model S sedan to the UK. Ecotricity, which specializes in getting its energy from renewable sources, said in February that it would start offering the UK's electric-vehicle drivers 1,000 miles of free fast charging annually on Ecotricity's so-called Electric Highway. The company said at the time that it aimed to deploy fast-charging stations at 90 percent of service stations along UK highways.

Tesla sold its first EV, the Roadster, in the UK all the way back in 2010.

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