2015 VW GTI makes movie magic with a heaping helping of GoPro

Quick, what do a Volkswagen GTI and a GoPro have in common? Well, the answer is quite obvious. They've both become an ever-present item at track days and autocrosses over the years. Now, though, they're finally teaming up.

Volkswagen has announced that anyone that buys or leases a new, seventh-generation GTI before June 30 will get a free GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition. Buying a $25,000 car and getting a free, $399 video camera doesn't seem like a half-bad bargain.

To highlight this point, and show what both the GTI and a GoPro can do, Volkswagen enlisted its World Rallycross driver, Tanner Foust, to zip about on a closed course behind the wheel of a 2015 GTI that's been fitted with its body weight in cameras. The result is the cool video you see below. Scroll down, and then let us know what you think.

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Volkswagen GTI

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