Wave 2014 sets new record, gathers 507 EVs in one place

Take that, everyone else who's tried to gather the most electric vehicles in one place at one time. The 2014 edition of the World Advanced Vehicle Expedition (WAVE) has set a new world record with 507 EVs in one parking lot in Stuttgart, Germany over the weekend. The tally has been certified by Guinness World Records, so Montreal will have to try harder.

WAVE is organized each year by the Swiss solar pioneer Louis Palmer, who circled the globe in his electric taxi back in 2007 and 2008. This year's rally included some old (a converted Volkswagen Beetle EV) some new ( Teslas) and some brand-new: two drivers managed to wring 137 miles from two Volkswagen e-Golf EVs without recharging. Last year, WAVE set an EV gathering record with 305 cars, but that record was bested in April, when the Electric Vehicle Association of Quebec (AVEC) brought together 431 EVs in Montreal. Given that more and more EVs enter service every day, we're now waiting to see when the first 1,000-EV rally is held. Perhaps WAVE 2015?

With the new record set in Stuttgart, the real challenge lies ahead. Eighty teams are driving the mountainous WAVE 2014 route from Koblenz, Germany to Rigi, high up in the Swiss Alps, for ten days. Along the way, they will promote EVs at schools and in towns and, of course, on the Internet. Check out WAVE's Facebook page for updates on the current rally and you can watch two videos from the Stuttgart event below. They're mostly music, with a bit of German thrown in. No problem, since EVs are fast becoming an international language.

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English Translation of the Press Information on WAVE 2014 - with some updated news from June 1

WAVE 2014 - the world's largest electric car rally starts with a world record

The largest electric vehicle rally in the world, the WAVE (World Advanced Vehicle Expedition) takes place for the fourth time from 31 May to 7 June. It started in Stuttgart with the largest e-mobile parade in the world and with an overwhelming world record. The old record set last year in Zurich during the WAVE was 305 vehicles. This record, recognized by Guinness World Records, was overbid from a Vito F-Cell. With the 400th vehicle the Norwegian record was defeated, and the record from Montreal, with the participation of hybrid vehicles has also been topped, so that - subject to confirmation by the Guinness organization - a hot new record was set again with the biggest electric vehicle parade in the world: 507 electric vehicles joined the parade in Stuttgart (Germany). At the end they also created a sign with a heart for electric mobility.

The WAVE is becoming more and more popular. This year there are 80 teams (more than doubling since last year), which come from fourteen countries with many different electric vehicles and all together will drive a total of over 150,000 miles. This makes the WAVE the largest electric car rally in the world. For ten days, the teams travel together the route from Stuttgart via Munich and Lake Constance to the Valais and then up to the Rigi. The teams come from all over the world: Switzerland, Germany, Austria, England, Italy, Czech Republic, Holland, Norway, France, Slovenia, Slovakia and Sweden. Even teams from India and Singapore are taking part.

World Record The WAVE has set up the record of the world's largest electric car parade in the world with the support of the Swabian audience and the oldest car manufacturer at the Mercedes -Benz Museum. All owners of electric cars were invited to take part. Car2Go users were able to participate with an electric Smart and get the time for the journey and the duration of the parade reimbursed after the parade.

Participants: from a converted VW Beetle to a Tesla The WAVE is open for participation by to individuals as well as companies or universities. There are companies registered for the e-rally such as Phoenix Contact, Volkswagen, the Koblenz Cable Car, Ford, Next power plants, Technopark Lucerne, Chademo and Brusa as well as the National University of Singapore or the ADAC of Lower Saxony / Saxony-Anhalt. Also the central Swiss Television Tele1 is taking part with two cars and reports daily from the WAVE. The WAVE offers a huge selection of electric vehicles: From the converted VW Beetle, a Land Rover from 1963 all the way to a 17-seater electric bus and 15 e-bikes, all running clean, quiet and electrically driven.

Initiator: "Champion of the Earth " Louis Palmer Louis Palmer, the tour director and initiator of the WAVE, is a Lucerne based sustainability pioneer and the first man to circumnavigate the earth in a solar-powered car. He was awarded the "Champion of the Earth" by the United Nations. The aim and purpose of the WAVE he describes as follows: "The rally participants want to get a wave rolling. We show that it can be done also without oil as vehicle fuel - and we focus on clean, renewable energy from water, sun and wind. We visit those cities that stand up for renewable energies and together we show that electric cars are now available in all sizes and for all prices and represent a reliable, clean and affordable form of mobility . The wave of electric mobility comes irresistibly towards us!"

The big electric car test Unique at the WAVE is the fact that it visits over a dozen schools along the way and thus reaches thousands of students and integrates them as a jury. In addition to raising public awareness WAVE also is about finding out which scooter and which team is best proven in everyday life. The electric vehicles are carefully checked by students and representatives of 10 destinations along the route in different situations and categories such as slalom driving, comfort and efficiency. The best team with the vehicle which is best suited for everyday use and with the most points wins the much sought-after "WAVE Trophy" on the Rigi on June 7.

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Organizer of the WAVE 2014 is the well-known Swiss solar pioneer Louis Palmer, who in a solar-powered vehicle in 2008 circled the globe as the first man and his message has inspired millions of people :

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