More details about Mercedes-Benz's forthcoming Mercedes-AMG GT continue to drip out. As opposed to launching the new sports coupe all at once, the brand has been slowly divulging information like its interior and some shadowy peeks on video. Even in testing, Mercedes is being cheeky by dressing it in bright green, tiger-striped camouflage that's hard to miss, but shows little. The latest trio of videos gives us a great idea of just how the GT sounds, though.

The engine for the GT isn't officially confirmed yet, but it's rumored to be Mercedes' new 4.0-liter, twin-turbo V8 that is also going into the next C63 AMG. It's hard to make out any typical turbo whistle in the videos, but the engine definitely has a growl, whatever its layout is. It's just the kind of aggressive, angry sound a sports coupe like this should have.

The GT is confirmed to debut sometime this fall, but at the consistent rate of the released details, we should know a lot more about it by then. Scroll down to give a listen to the future Mercedes halo model throwing some revs and starting up.

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