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Tango EV is an excellent little sight gag in Silicon Valley [w/video]

I haven't been watching HBO's new nerd comedy Silicon Valley, but I should have known that anything from the brain of Mike Judge (Beavis and Butt-head, Idiocracy) is likely to be pretty funny. People sure seem to like it, and if a sight gag from the pilot episode is any indication, the producers know how to find the humor in electric vehicles.

Putting a comedic coda on a character's TED talk, the diminutive Tango EV – you know, the one made famous for belonging to George Clooney and for its prowess when used as a snow plow - lets a character, Peter Gregory, (played by Christopher Evan Welch) exit a scene in a funny way. Apparently, according to Business Insider, the show creators were looking for the "most ridiculously nerdy car" they could find but when their first choice, the Air Car, was unavailable at the last minute, they found a T600 Tango EV to come in and save the day. Business Insider adds that in the real Silicon Valley, the Tango has also been used for giggles before, like when Google employees put one into into CEO Eric Schmidt's office as an April Fool's prank. Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page also apparently own Tangos, which makes the car's appearance in the show all the more appropriate.

If you're also now curious about Silicon Valley, the show, you can watch a NSFW trailer for it below. (After watching a few episodes, there are more green car jokes sprinkled throughout. Well done, HBO.)

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