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Mercedes C450 wagon looks ready for primetime

  • Image Credit: CarPix
There was a rumor back in April that Mercedes-Benz was busy developing a C450 model that would sit in between the current top-shelf C-Class, the C400, and the coming-soon C63 AMG. It appears that is entirely the case, and our spy shooters have the photos to prove it, showing off the newest model with no camouflage (in fetching Touring guise, no less).

Wearing a C450 4Matic badge at the rear and Sport AMG emblems on the front fenders, exact details about the new model still aren't confirmed. The 4Matic designation indicates all-wheel drive for this particular vehicle, but rear-wheel drive could be available, as well. Power is rumored to be increased from the current 329 horsepower from the 3.0-liter, twin-turbo V6 in the C400 up to 367 horsepower.

Of course, the C450 doesn't get a full suite of AMG upgrades – those are reserved for the C63. However, buyers should still be able to show that they have something special. These spy photos highlight the C450's diamond grille, large wheels and quad tailpipes nestled in a rear diffuser. The car is also rumored to benefit from an improved suspension and brakes.

As these photos show, the model is being tested as a C-Class Touring, but a sedan version is almost a certainty as well. Besides, the wagon isn't even confirmed for the US yet. Our spies claim that the Sport AMG will likely be ready for sale by 2015. That seems hard to debate, because the car seen here looks ready to hit the road today.

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