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In Oslo, too many EVs anger at least one bus driver

Standing on an Oslo street corner, you don't have to wait long to see an electric vehicle drive by. In fact, there are so many EVs in the Norwegian capitol city that they're making the bus drivers a little angry, if The Wall Street Journal is to be belived. EV fans in other cities can only dream of this kind of problems.

See, in Oslo, vehicles with a plug are given a lot of special perks, one of which is the ability to drive in the bus lanes, sort of like the HOV lane benefits that some green cars get in the US. This can save a lot of time during a morning commute, but it also means more vehicles in the exact spaces previously set aside for buses. And, according to Journal, bus drivers are not enjoying the company. Or, at least the one driver that the Journal interviewed. That man is Erik Haugstad, who said quite clearly that, "the EVs have to get out of the bus lane. ... There are too many electric cars."

There are quite a few EVs in Norway – the Journal says 27,000 as of April – and EVs regularly set sales records there. One reason for their popularity is the incentives, which include free parking in city lots and big tax breaks when you buy the car in addition to the bus lane thing. Whether any of this will change could depend on if there are other drivers who feel the way Haugstad does.

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