Motor Trend's Roadkill series is all about taking relatively unloved vehicles and putting some work into them to make them seriously fun performance machines. If you need your car to be perfect, with shiny chrome and modern amenities, then these creations might not fit your style. Their work is more in line with very functional rat rods.

In the latest video, the hosts take their Muscle Truck, a 1974 Chevrolet pickup with an upgraded Chevy LS6 V8, and modify it from its present duty as a drag racer to work in the desert and sand dunes. To test its mettle, they put the pickup up against an offroad-prepped 1969 VW Bug.

Actually getting to the showdown with the Baja Bug takes some time, though. First, the hosts spend a lot of time deciding how to fit the truck with bigger tires for the sand and take it out to the desert to see how the mods work. If you're only interested in seeing the Muscle Truck challenge the Beetle, skip about 15 minutes into the video. Once they make it to the shore the two very different vehicles square off to see which is the king of the dunes. Scroll down to watch it and see whether the big power of the truck or the lithe Bug fares better.

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