"Money talks," the old saying goes; and it apparently counts everywhere as it does in the US. A man in China showed up to a car dealer with the US equivalent of $16,000 in coins to buy a new car. Only a foolish dealer would turn away a guaranteed sale. So, they started counting it out, while the man waited.

According to NBC News, it allegedly amounted to five tons in change. The salespeople managed to tally about half of the coins before they finally got fed up and asked the guy to pay with some other method. He put the rest of the bill on his credit card.

The report didn't directly say what type of car the man tried to buy. However, the end of the video shows the logo for Chinese automaker Soueast, which is a partner of Mitsubishi. At one time, the company even had a deal with Chrysler to sell the Dodge Caliber and Caravan there.

This guy's major faux pas was that he didn't wrap the coins himself. If he had, it would be harder for the dealer to complain. Scroll down to watch the video, and imagine how long it would take to save $16,000 in change.

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