Looks like everyone's favorite German hot hatchback will be getting the Vision Gran Turismo treatment. Following the original unveiling of the Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo and the reveal of the BMW Vision Gran Turismo earlier this week, May 23 will see the debut of what we're guessing is the GTI Vision Gran Turismo.

The title for the teaser video kind of gives the whole game away. It's called "#VisionGTI: A GTI for Gran Turismo," and features a pair of Volkswagen exterior designers sampling some older GTIs in GT6. Yes, the hints here aren't exactly subtle. We're also fairly certain about this one based on this post, which confirmed that the VGT cars would become more common in the coming months. There's even a preview image of the GTI that we'll see next week.

Take a look below for the teaser video from VW, and then be sure to check back here on May 23 for all the details on the Volkswagen GTI Vision Gran Turismo.

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