Are Houston Drivers The Rudest In The Country?

It seems Southern hospitality doesn't extend to the roadways. Drivers in Houston, Texas, were found to be the least courteous drivers in America, according to a newly released Driver's Seat Road Rage Survey.

The survey was conducted by AutoVantage, which ranks American cities based on road etiquette and aggressive behavior, along with the research firm Prince Market Research. They asked 2,500 drivers in 25 major metropolitan areas who drove more than three times a week how often they saw other drivers speeding, tailgating, cutting others off or slamming on their brakes.

Houston was found to have the highest incident of these bad behaviors. Joining Houston at the top of the list of least courteous cities is Atlanta in second place and Baltimore at third. Crunchy Portland, Oregon, is still has the most courteous drivers, along with Pittsburg and St. Louis. Driver's in Baltimore are meaner than when the survey was first release, they're driving etiquette dropped 20 spots from third most to third least in ranking.

There are other contenders for the city with the worst drivers. Last year, found that Miami has the worst drivers, though it wasn't lack of courtesy that was their problem. Slate looked at years of data about traffic accidents, automotive fatalities, alcohol-related driving deaths and pedestrian strike rates as indicators of bad driving. Miami experiences a jaw-dropping 35 hit-and-runs a day.

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