Throughout General Motors' ignition switch recall, the embattled, Detroit-based manufacturer has maintained the mantra that some 2.6 million recalled vehicles were safe to drive, provided certain precautions were taken.

Now, GM has issued a video that it says is proof of that point. Starring Vice President of Global Safety Jeff Boyer, the video shows a number of tests carried out on affected vehicles at GM's sprawling Milford, MI proving grounds. Engineers beat the heck out of the cars, just to prove that if there's nothing on the key – not even the key fob – that even some seriously brutal roads won't switch off the ignition switch.

The GM video comes on the same day that the US Department of Transportation declared that recalled GM vehicles did not need to be parked, following a petition from a pair of Democratic senators. According to Reuters, Senators Edward Markey of Massachusetts and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut have argued that affected models shouldn't be driven until repairs can be completed.

Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx (shown above) dismissed the senators' arguments, though, writing that "such an action is not necessary at this time," and that the DOT's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration "is satisfied" with GM's temporary solution to the problem.

According to Reuters, Senators Markey and Blumenthal's concerns rested with the performance of the faulty ignition switches on rough roads. This video should, hopefully, allay those concerns.

Take a look below for the video from GM, and then head into Comments and tell us – is the blessing of GM and Secretary Foxx enough for you to get back behind the wheel of a recalled Chevrolet Cobalt or Saturn Ion? Let us know.

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