Mental Floss shares the meaning behind car names

Why did Toyoda name his company " Toyota?" What does " Audi" mean? What the heck is a Camaro? You might know the answers to some of these questions, and you might not. But even if you do, you'll want to take a look at this video from Mental Floss.

Over the course of seven minutes (it's an 8:16 video, but the last minute and 16 seconds is largely just housekeeping stuff), host John Green loads you up with all sorts of automotive naming tidbits, which are sure to be of use at your next pub quiz. Of course, you might know some of these already, like Hitler's connection with Ferdinand Porsche and Volkswagen, while some are a surprise, even to the members of the Autoblog team, like the meaning of " Hyundai" and " Corolla."

Take a look below for the info, courtesy of Mental Floss.

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