A century-old retaining wall in Baltimore washed away Wednesday afternoon after a month of rainy weather, sending an unstable street, six cars and street lights plummeting 30-feet onto the train track below.

Residents around E. 26th street told CBS Baltimore they had been warning the city for years about the widening cracks along the street, but road crews only patched the cracks with blacktop and assured those in the neighborhood that there was nothing to worry about.

An hour before the collapse, people in the area reported cars beginning to significantly lean towards the chasm. Witnesses told CBS that the street had dropped over half a foot and the large cracks had grown, splitting the street parallel with the tracks below. When the nearly 120-year-old retaining wall finally gave way, streetlights, sidewalk stones and cars tumbled down on to the busy train tracks below, The Baltimore Sun reported.

There were no injuries, and no one was in the cars or on the sidewalk at the time.

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