Mary Barra, GM CEO on cover of Time MagazineGeneral Motors CEO Mary Barra has undergone an uneviable trial by fire in her first months leading the company. Even before she officially took over, she was under scrutiny for being the first woman ever to head a Detroit automaker. Then the ignition switch recall debacle began rolling out that eventually led to a Congressional hearing and multiple lawsuits against the business. Time Magazine is acknowledging Barra by naming her one of its "100 Most Influential People" for 2014, and Barra is even on one of the available covers.

To explain why she is so influential, Time has enlisted former Ford President and Chrysler CEO Lee Iacocca to pen a short piece about Barra. In it, Iacocca praises Barra and compares her working-class background to his own. "If she remains as forthcoming as I've seen her on television with Congress, she will enjoy a long tenure at the helm," writes Iacocca. The magazine also includes a short interview with Barra during her cover photo shoot talking about the people who most influence her and why. Scroll down to watch the video.

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