Look, at this point, if you hear anything about Michael Schumacher's condition, just keep a large grain of salt ready. As reports of the seven-time Formula One World Champion's condition continues to swirl following his December 29 skiing accident, it seems like each day opens with news of the German's improvement, only to close with a contradicting report.

Today is no different. According to a report from the Spanish branch of Russia Today, Germany's RTL Television claimed Schumacher's publicist, Sabine Kehm, said that the driver had finally emerged from his coma and recognized his wife. Yeah, that's a pretty big game of telephone.

If this were true, though, it'd be huge, particularly as there have been a number of reports questioning just how much of Schumacher's memory and personality have survived his nearly four-month coma. Unfortunately for Schumacher, his family and all of his fans, though, the RT report is almost certainly not true.

"Schumacher awake? Sorry, but those rumors from Spain apparently not true. Kehm just texted me she hadn't confirmed anything to RTL," tweeted Nicola Pohl, of Bild.

Now, strictly speaking, all we have to go on is Pohl's tweet. That said, Bild has been one of the best (and more accurate) sources when it comes to updates on Schumacher's condition.

Still, the gist of this story is unless you see an official statement or press release from Kehm or Schumacher's family, the news shouldn't be taken as gospel. Keep that in mind the next time you see such a sensational update from a European publication.

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