Icon 4x4 gets lavish short film treatment

Icon is one of the coolest American boutique vehicle builders around today, known in part for its talent of combining the looks of classic vehicles with modern powertrains and features to create something beautiful. A new video takes a sentimental look at the company's philosophy and at two of its more recent creations – the Thriftmaster truck and E-Flyer bicycle.

Icon sees itself as a company that is picking up the pieces of American style by making products the best they can possibly be. The two vehicles in the video show off that dedication. The E-Flyer is an electric bicycle with a 35-mile range and derestricted 35-mile-per-hour top speed, and it's priced at the relatively affordable price of $4,995.

The Thriftmaster is an even better expression of what the Icon does so well. While it looks like an old truck on the outside, a 5.3-liter V8 lurks under the hood with 315 horsepower or 435 hp in supercharged form. The pickup also packs all the modern conveniences like four-wheel disc brakes, navigation and on-board Wi-Fi. The company plans to build just five of them starting at $220,000 each. Scroll down to watch the video and get a better understanding of how Icon goes about its business.

Icon 4x4 "Delivering Excellence" from William Bradford on Vimeo.

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