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Chevy Spark gets a new face

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While it may be a tad too small for some buyers, Chevrolet seems to be quite happy with the sales of its Spark microcar. In its first 12 months of sales in the US, the little guy actually posted numbers 35-percent higher than the Bowtie had anticipated. However, the current model was already on sale abroad for a few years before coming to these shores, and it looks like Chevy has a radical change in mind for the next-gen Spark.

These spy shots from Europe indicate that the next Spark is ditching the current model's vertical headlights in favor of a more horizontal design. The egg-like arching shape remains similar, but the slashing arch of the beltline appears to be toned down significantly. While that means rear passengers are getting a better view, that cue is one of the things that sets the Spark's design apart.

Elsewhere, it's hard to spot too many differences. The rear door handles are still hidden in the C-pillar, and any changes to the rear are hard to discern because of the camo. The vertically oriented taillights are staying, though.

These early photos make it seem like the Spark is getting toned down in styling for its new generation, but it's way too early to know for sure. There is no official word on when the new model debuts, but spotting it jives with earlier reports that GM is readying it for the first half of 2015.

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Chevrolet Spark

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