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Original Captain America bike found in private collection

Decades before Chris Evans took on the role of Captain America and brought the comic book character a new round of popularity, Cap starred in two TV movies in the late 1970s – Captain America and Captain America II: Death Too Soon. They are both incredibly cheesy movies with the hero busting a red, white and blue motorcycle out of the back of a groovy van for action scenes. While the films might not hold up, Gary Davis, the stuntman behind them, is a fascinating personality.

Road & Track found Davis accidentally when it discovered his massive collection of vintage motorcycles for sale on Craigslist in the San Francisco Bay Area. It turns out that, in addition to being Cap's stuntman in the '70s movies, he also had roles in Terminator 2, Speed and a ton of other movies. Davis is also a huge motorcycle fan and stored his collection in a warehouse on his property, which includes at least two dirt tracks to race them on.

The piece seems to barely scratch the surface of the enigmatic man. In addition to all of the motorcycles, stunt work and even some vintage racing, Davis is also building a zip line in his backyard while R&T is there. Even if you're not a fan of old bikes, Hollywood action movies or just a really interesting profile, the photos that go along with the story are fantastic.

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