Renault doesn't want to be left out in the Norwegian cold. The French automaker knows that EV sales are through the roof in Norway, so it is finally bringing the Zoe EV to the Scandinavian country.

The launch event was a bit odd, with 15 Zoe's available to be driven on the running track at the Olympic stadium in Oslo. There were also workshops that hyped the little EV's benefits and the Chameleon charging station. The French ambassador and Norway's environment minister were also there. Renault says it expects Norway to now become a "flagship market" for the Zoe.

Norway has some of the strongest pro-EV legislation on the planet, allowing the cars to drive in the bus lanes to avoid traffic snarls, huge tax incentives and free charging and parking. These benefits have led to electric vehicles sales of over 20,000 units in a country with only five million people.
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Renault ZOE arrives in Norway
April 07, 2014 | ID: 56700
Renault ZOE arrives in Norway

Norway is the leading market for electric vehicles in Europe, accounting for 12% of the electric vehicles on the road. So Renault ZOE was given a grand welcome at the Olympic stadium in Oslo on Tuesday, March 25, at an event attended by the French ambassador and Norway's environment minister.

A fleet of some 15 Renault ZOEs were available to be test driven on the athletics tracks and six workshops were organized to showcase the features of Renault ZOE, particularly the charging system (the Chameleon charger).

Norway is spearheading electric vehicle penetration in Europe. This success can be attributed to the government's pro-EV policy, especially a strong financial incentive since electric vehicles are exempt from VAT, which is 25% in Norway. The popularity of electric vehicles is also due to the privileges offered to owners: free public parking, free charging stations in the street and in public parking lots, the right to drive in bus lanes, exemption from city tolls, and a lower annual road tax than for fuel vehicles. Also, 10% of Europe's charging infrastructure is located in Norway, even though it is home to only 1% of Europe's population.

With all of these incentives, Norway is set to become a flagship market for Renault ZOE.

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