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Two cars fell into the same sinkhole Friday evening, one moments after the first had been rescued after police failed to respond to the accident.

Fox 2 cameras were rolling on the scene as a tow truck hauled the first car from the pothole on the city's east side. The hole developed after a water main broke a few months prior. Water bubbling up from the broken pipe covered the whole corner in water and disguised the depth of the hole. There were also no barriers set up around the site to warn drivers. The sinkhole was so deep that Davonte Reed's Ford Focus was angled with its back wheels off the ground.

Reed called police, who said they couldn't provide assistance. They suggested that he call a tow truck. Almost as soon as the truck dragged Reed's car from the hole a Jeep fell inside.

"I think it's ridiculous. They should do something about that. That's a main street here - a lot of traffic," Jesse Rutledge told Fox 2, after his Jeep was the second vehicle swallowed.

Water and Sewerage Department workers did respond Friday evening and set up barriers around the sinkhole. The harsh winter has caused an unusual amount of trouble for the Motor City's aging infrastructure and roads. Last week, a 30-foot sinkhole caused by a similar water main break opened up on Detroit's west side.

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