Fans of The Simpsons will remember a long-ago episode (from 1993, to be exact) where an out-of-town huckster tries to sell the citizens of Springfield on the idea of forking over their money to build a monorail. And there was a bunch of singing involved. Now, Music City could start singing the same tune, according to Wired.

Some Tennessee politicos are pitching the idea of a monorail that would run between Nashville and the town of Murfreesboro about 35 miles to the southeast. The idea is being offered in response to rising traffic congestion along I-24, and the Tennessee Senate voted 31-0 in favor of a monorail-feasibility study. While the project could run as high as $1 billion, the land-acquisition costs will not be as high as it might be, since the monorail would run on the I-24 median.

Today, the most famous monorails in the US are the ones at Disneyland and Walt Disney World and the one-mile version Seattle built for the 1962 World's Fair. And for those with an eye on how transportation technology can be used to hurt the environment a little less, it's worth noting that the proposed monorail line runs pretty much right by Smyrna, Tennessee. That's where Nissan builds its all-electric Leaf vehicles for the US. D'oh!

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