The Isle of Man TT is one of the world's last great races held public roads that hasn't been sanitized in any way. Motorcycles barrel through quaint villages at max speed in a way that is hardly believable in today's much safer world of racing. And this isn't just through a few miles downtown – a single lap takes the fastest classes over 17 minutes.

This video might be one of the greatest showcases off what the Isle of Man TT is about ever made. It shows rider Michael Dunlop on a Honda CBR600RR on lap three of the second race of the Supersport class in 2013. As it starts, Dunlop is in second place leaving from his pit stop and heading out on track aiming for a win. The camera strapped to the bike picks up every minor correction and the wonderful noise from the Honda engine. It seems like the throttle is wide open for over half the lap. To go right bike-against-bike action, Dunlop starts to catch up to other riders about eight minutes into the video and has quite a challenge for several minutes. Scroll down, turn up your speakers and enjoy.

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