In Fully Charged, actor Robert Llewellyn continuously manages to combine electric vehicle news and views with a bit of British wit. We love it. His latest offering makes us all the more jealous, since he's showing us what it's like to drive an EV at 200 miles per hour.

Before the drive, we see the car getting prepped with wireless induction charging and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who "flew in from California for the day," just hanging about the paddock. The star, though, is Lord Paul Drayson and the blazingly fast car he has spent years getting ready to challenge the 200 mph barrier.

Others have enjoyed the car, but Llewellyn himself doesn't get behind the wheel. That's left to Drayson. We do get some cool shots of the Drayson B12/69EV Le Mans prototype roaring (silently, of course) down the old airstrip at RAF Elvington in Yorkshire, England. The video was shot last year when Drayson and his team broke the FIA World Electric Land Speed Record with a run of 205.139 mph in the timed mile (and a max speed 219.1 mph), according to the video. Team Drayson said after the event that the record was actually set at 204.185 mph. Whatever the official speed, we're pretty sure that this will all make Drayson Racing a formidable competitor when the global Formula E series starts up in China later this year. The car will be different, of course, but you don't get to 200 mph without learning a few things.

Eleven minutes of EV speed racer goodness (well, 10 minutes plus 60 seconds of anti-fracking funnies) awaits you below.

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