The Colorado Department of Transportation released three new public service announcements today encouraging newly legal recreational marijuana users to attempt to do anything they want, just not driving. The PSAs are part of a new push to keep stoned drivers off the road.

The commercials feature young men, who make up the bulk of DUIs, according to The Washington Post. In the spots, stoned men attempt to do simple tasks which are made more complicated by the fog of wacky weed. One man proudly hangs a flat screen TV, which immediately falls. Another attempts to light a grill without a propane tank and the third shows a man who has clearly forgotten why he is dribbling a basketball while his friends wait for him to take a free throw. All these activities are legal while high, the commercials assure viewers, but what's not legal is driving afterward.

Driving while high is a major concern of residents in the Colorado. Concerns over stoned driving nearly killed the recreational use bill before it became a law. Colorado law enforcement agencies are increasing the number of drug-recognition experts they have on the roads this year.

Since legalization, out of the 402 drivers cited for impaired driving in January in Colorado, 60 were pulled over for suspected marijuana use. That's only 15 percent of DUI citations issued. There's no way to know if the legalization of recreational marijuana has contributed to a rise of DUI citations however, because before the law went into effect, DUIs weren't broken down by what substance drivers had used.

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