Ohio Woman Finds 8 Pounds Of Marijuana In Spare Tire

Mechanics in Lorain, Ohio, found eight pounds of marijuana packed into a woman's spare tire while fixing a flat Wednesday, according to ABC5.

The woman experienced the flat tire on her 2013 Ford Fusion, which she bought brand new in August. She took her car back to the dealership to have it replaced. When the mechanic put the spare on and took the car for a spin to test it out, he noticed it was making a strange noise.

Inside the spare mechanics found $12,000 worth of pot packaged into a ring. The car's owner had no idea she was driving around with the cache of drugs for eight months. The Lorain County Sheriff's office told ABC 5 that the owner was not a suspect, though the source of the drugs may be difficult to track down. Police believe the marijuana was planted in the car in Mexico, where it was assembled.

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