We want more Top Gear. You want more Top Gear. It's safe to say the BBC wants more Top Gear, considering the massive worldwide audience the show delivers. But do its three hosts? We're hoping the answer is "yes," as talks kick off between the network and the show's hosts, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond.

TG's executive producer, Andy Wilman, confirmed that talks were about to start for another three-year contract for the wildly popular show during the Talking TV podcast for the UK's Broadcast.

"Every deal that's done is done with the notion that the show will be on the floor, scraping the barrel...by the time the three years is up. There's clearly an appetite, it's still there. So, we'll start talking soon," Wilman said.

The current deal between Clarkson, Hammond and May is set to expire in 2015. According to Wilman, there's no "end-game plan" and no one at the BBC has told them to "bugger off." Although we doubt anyone at the world's largest network would tell the three hosts to get lost - the Beeb's commercial arm, BBC Worldwide, nets all the (very large) profits from the TG name and properties, while the show is also set to spearhead a new male-oriented BBC network.

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