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February 2014: Brrr, It's Cold Out There Edition

It's that time of the month again, folks. The automakers have released their results for February, and there are, predictably, both high and low notes worth talking about. The automaker with perhaps the most to crow about so far this year is Jeep, and much of its stellar performance in 2014 can be attributed to the brand-new (reborn) Cherokee, with the new 'ute contributing 11,705 sales last month for a grand total of 22,300 for the year.

Other highlights include Lincoln, which can boast that sales of its MKZ sedan were up by 222 percent over the same period a year ago. Buick, another entry-level luxury player, saw a nice sales increase, too. And finally, Nissan has a hit on its hands in the form of its redesigned Rogue crossover, though it's still early in that model's lifespan. The Rogue's 17,197 deliveries in February is impressive, and it's a 72.6-percent increase over last year.

While Jeep is quick to point out that its vehicles sell well even when the weather is frightful, not all automakers count themselves so lucky. Big names like Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Honda and Toyota were all down in February, alongside Volkswagen and Mini. Speaking of VW, nearly all of its nameplates were down by large percentages in February, lending credence to the idea that its US operations are a "disaster."

As always, all of the month's numbers are below, and you can view more from the past in our By the Numbers archive.

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