Arash teases new supercar to be unveiled tomorrow

It was back in 2007 when Arash Farboud first came to our attention with the reveal of his Farbio GTS. He ended up selling that sports car project to another startup, which it turn sold it to Ginetta. That British sports and racing car constructor relabeled it the G60, and Farboud himself went to work on a new project called the Arash AF-10 - a piece of vaporware that never really saw the light of day. That's about all we heard of the project until earlier this month, when Farboud released the first teaser image of his latest endeavor.

That vehicle is scheduled to be unveiled tomorrow, on February 28. But to keep us on our toes, Arash Cars has released another little teaser image. This one hardly gives us any more to go on than the last contour drawing, showing just a pair of headlights glaring in a head-on view. But as we said before, it's safe to assume (both from the teaser images and from Farboud's past endeavors) that it'll be some form of exotic supercar. Whether it ever gets farther than Arash's last project remains to be seen, but we'll be watching to see how it goes.

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