Cenntro Group and KLD Energy Technologies is preparing to stick a finger in the eye of those super-macho folks who insist on driving big-old Ford F150s for their daily work vehicles by getting ready to debut what's got to be the least-macho utility vehicle in existence. Cenntro's Kombi electric vehicle, complete with KLD's OneDrive drivetrain, will start North American sales by the end of June, Gizmag says. And while an official mileage rating hasn't been granted by the Environmental Protection Agency, the little vehicle is said to get 240 miles per gallon equivalent.

No speed burner here, the Kombi will have a 50-mile single-charge range, while its 17-horsepower electric motor will provide a top speed of about 31 miles per hour. Designed for short-distance deliveries, the truck will have a carrying capacity of 800 pounds. No pricetag as been disclosed.

KLD and Cenntro Group started making noise in late 2012 about their joint-venture, which included vehicles such as a four-wheel-drive vehicle, in addition to what would become the Kombi, and said it would eye China and Europe in addition to North America as target markets. Last summer, KLD was on the verge of debuting a small, freeway-legal electric vehicle whose drivetrain was priced at less than $10,000, though no specifics on release date or total price (including the rest of the vehicle) were disclosed.

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