Nearly every major business is collecting consumer data these days, and keeping that data secure has come to the forefront of many customer's minds. Jaguar Land Rover North America's decision to begin requesting more customer info from its dealer network appears unfortunately timed, however. If it had come a few years ago, it might have been ignored, but in today's climate of heightened awareness, a few dealers are pushing back. To put the showrooms in an even tougher position, JLR NA is threatening to deny quarterly incentives if they do not turn over the customer data, according to Automotive News.

JLR NA instated the nationwide plan, which it calls Single View CRM, on February 7, but according to Stuart Schorr, Jaguar Land Rover North America Vice President of Communications, the automaker has been negotiating with its dealers to institute the new program for over a year. Schorr tells Autoblog that no financial information is being shared, noting that such data is limited to customer details, including things like what vehicles they own and whether they have any pending service. The initiative is meant to "improve customers' and owners' engagement with the brand," he said. Also, the company is not accessing dealer data itself; instead showrooms are asked to enter the info into JLR's database.

Dealers are concerned that they could be liable if the information somehow leaks out. The National Automotive Dealer's Association recently published a guide for car sellers about protecting data, and it recommended never allowing vendors full access to such information without knowing specifically what was being used for.

When combined with third-party data, consumer information can be used to create specifically targeted marketing messages to customers. According to Schorr, JLR NA is just trying to create a "more consistent process" for obtaining this info. The key is keeping it all secure.

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      to your email L
      • 1 Year Ago
      Oh c'mon JLR just you know you can already get a lot of it from the 'black box' besides you can probably easily hack the NSA or with enough money 'subscribe' to Echelon's 'access'. Yup if I'm buying your product I'll find some way to PUNK the data and still get service (oh and BTW I'll use any method like a 3rd party or a buying company to get one, after used them to buy a new care before, WHY OH WHY WOULD I EVER GO TO A DEALERSHIP AGAIN ANYWAY?)
      • 1 Year Ago
      Why can't Jaguar hire a third party marketing survey company or host an international car lottery for special edition Jaguars and Land Rovers? Can't they spare few coins?
      • 1 Year Ago
      I can see both sides here but JLR should simply do this. Send out a mass mailer via the dealerships. Within the mailer will be a quick easy website link. Have the mailer state "take a quick 5 minute survey and get....." and boom problem solved. Yes they won't get all the data from all owners but at the same time if they are smart they can link the names to vin's and boom everyone is happy.
      • 1 Year Ago
      I smell a Tesla afoot. So the brand gets contact info for each buyer, the history, the service. Tesla sues and wins in the courts undermining the whole dealer model, then the brand is ready to pounce (see what I did there?) For direct sales. Remember, these new Jag-LR owners owe loyalty to no one.
      • 1 Year Ago
      Well that's gonna cost them a few sales, especially when you consider the Jag consumer bracket. Leaks happen all the time and Mo money mo problems.