Splat! That's the sound that the agreement that London taxi company Green Tomato Cars had with Chinese electric-vehicle maker BYD made as it hit the proverbial pavement recently. The deal has fallen through, but no reason was given, according to the UK's Telegraph.

In October 2012, Green Tomato and BYD reached an agreement in which 50 of the all-electric BYD e6 vehicles would be deployed by Green Tomato, whose current fleet of about 500 cars is mostly Toyota Prius hybrids.

The good news, at least for plug-in vehicle advocates in London, is that approximately 20 of the e6 EVs that have already been delivered to London will be taken on by a company called Thriev. The cars are said to have a single-charge range of 186 miles.

London government leadership, and specifically Mayor Boris Johnson, is pushing hard for more plug-in cabs as a way to reduce both fuel consumption and air pollution. The extended-range plug-in Metrocab, which is made by UK-based Frazer-Nash, is slated to debut in the city later this year. Those six-seat vehicles are said to have fuel economy of 75 miles per gallon equivalent. And by next year, Nissan is expected to deploy some of its all-electric NV200 vehicles to London for cab use.

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