The Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe is one of those classic cars that has managed to stand the test of time, likely due in part to both its racing success, helping the charismatic Carroll Shelby defeat Ferrari with Ford-powered Anglo-American machines of his company's own design, and its stunning good looks. And, while Shelby is the name history recalls most fondly, the man behind the Daytona Coupe's slippery bodywork was Pete Brock, who had previously drawn up the design of the seminal Corvette Sting Ray for General Motors.

Fast forward some 50 years from that original Shelby Coupe, and Pete Brock once again drew up designs for a series of coupes that bear a striking resemblance to those few iconic racing cars from the '60s, this time for a small specialty automotive company called Superformance. The SPF Brock Coupe, as it was known, was a rethought version of the Shelby Daytona Coupe that took advantage of modern technology to bring the former race car into the next century.

The car you see above started life as one of these Superformance Brock Coupes, originally built in 1999. It was later taken apart and rebuilt by its owner to his specifications, and while we're not too keen on the wide fender flares, the rest of his modifications, tweaks and choices make for an excellently unique machine. Watch Jay Leno take this Daytona for a spin in the video below.

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