The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating 62,000, 2010-2011 Mazda CX-9 models over brake problems. The government safety watchdog says it has received seven complaints of an observed loss of power braking power to stop the crossover, according to the The Detroit News.

The NHTSA complaints say that the problem causes a hard pedal, increased braking effort and reduced braking effectiveness. Some complaints allege that they hear a hissing noise during braking similar to the sound of air leaving the tires. No injuries or crashes have been reported.

"As always, we are fully cooperating with NHTSA on their investigation. We cannot comment further at this time," said Mazda spokesperson Tamara Mlynarczyk to The Detroit News.

Should it get to that point, this would not be the first recall for the CX-9. The 2010 CX-9 was recalled due to faulty seat heaters. It also recalled about 31,000, 2007-2009 trucks for a fault in the power driver's seat. NHTSA also investigated (but didn't recall) the 2008 CX-9 for loss of braking effectiveness after a high number of warranty claims affected approximately 37,000 crossovers. Mazda found that there was a possible manufacturing defect with the brake master cylinder that might have caused it. We will watch the investigation and keep you updated if it develops into a recall.

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