Tesla Stock Hits All-Time High Hours Before Fifth Car Fire Reported

Model S burns in Toronto garage

A Tesla Model S caught fire while parked in its owner's garage in Toronto earlier this month. This marks the fifth car fire in five months for the California automaker, according to CNBC.

On Feb. 1, a four-month-old Model S was parked and unplugged in a garage when its owner heard the fire alarm go off. The car was quickly engulfed in flames. The fire damaged the garage and nearly destroyed another vehicle. Toronto Fire Service tells CNBC the engine area was the source of the blaze. Tesla is investigating the fire, and issued a statement to Business Insider reminding consumers that every automotive company expects to deal with car fires at some point and that gasoline cars experience higher car fires than Tesla on average. There have been no deaths due to the fires.

Five Teslas have caught fire in the last five months, two were started when their battery packs were punctured by debris in the road. A ho-hum third-quarter in 2013 and news of the fires caused the stock price to dwindle to $120 a share. The company recently reclaimed much of that ground, surging for the first time past $200 a share just this week, Autoblog Green reported.

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