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Tesla Model S headed to Vukee carsharing in San Francisco

The San Francisco bay area continues to expand as a carsharing hub, and the latest addition is going to attract some attention. Vukee, a Palo Alto, CA-based company, is introducing the Tesla Model S to carsharers in that market as a way to stand out from larger carsharing providers like Zipcar and City CarShare.

Instead of spending $70,000 on the luxury electric sports car, Vukee's new carsharing deal offers an affordable behind-the-wheel driving experience, but the exact cost has not yet been announced. The launch happens in April. Vukee will start with 25 Teslas at its charging stations ready for drivers to pick up. Electricity and insurance are included in the rental fee. If you've a fan of this idea, you can make a small donation to Vukee and have your name emblazoned on the hood of one of the Model S EVs. If you donate a lot of money, like Gill up there in the picture, your name will be written very large on the hood.

Signing up for Vukee is also easier than becoming a Zipcar or Car2go, since Vukee has no membership fees. You just download the Vukee app, scan your drivers license and credit card and pay as you go. Who wants to go for a drive?

vukee Car Spot Indiegogo from Meik-M. Lindberg on Vimeo.

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