A Detroit fire chief lost a promotion this week when it was discovered he did not have a valid driver's license due to multiple drunk-driving convictions.

Andre Johnson was promoted from battalion chief to senior chief last week, according to ABC 7 News. The position requires Johnson to drive, but he hasn't had a valid driver's license since 2010, due to a long history of DUI offenses. His license was restricted after his first DUI arrest in 2002. Just a year later his license was revoked when he was again pulled over for drunk driving. He successfully appealed to get his license back in 2005, only to lose it again in 2009 when he caused an accident and injured another person while under the influence. Johnson won't have the chance to regain his license until next year.

Detroit Fire Commissioner Jonathan Jackson told ABC 7 the fire department doesn't regularly check the driving records of its employees. Johnson admitted his driving record after the story broke. He must forfeit his promotion and may face further censure pending an investigation.

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