You can call it throwing cold water on the EV grin or taking the pessimistic view or whatever you like. The fact remains that Fox Business has got it in spades. In a recent segment with The Car Coach, Lauren Fix, electric vehicles were given a most negative of reviews while ignoring most any upside. This certainly shouldn't surprise anyone who's been following the relationship between Fox and plug-in vehicles over the years.

Fix said that cold weather "typically" drops the battery range in half.

In any case, in the most recent segment, regular Fox Business contributor Fix points out some of the drawbacks of EVs, ranging from the expected to some real head scratchers. She says that cold weather like we've been having this winter in the US "typically" drops the battery range in half. Cold weather certainly has an impact on range, but we haven't heard that a 50-percent drop is typical. Fix also says that EVs are not practical because the batteries intrude into the cargo and passenger spaces. This may have been true in early electric vehicles like the Mini E, but EVs today don't lose much, if any, cargo room and a lot of them – the BMW i3 and the Tesla Model S, for example – are positively spacious inside. Fix and the host also spend time discussing the low expected residual values of today's EVs (which, again, might be true in some circumstances but not all).

Then we get to a real bit of confusion. Fix tries to scare buyers away from used EVs by saying that the previous owner may not have changed the "inverter fluid." We're not quite sure what this means, but it's something that might need to be done in a Toyota Prius. If Fix means replacing the coolant for the inverter, then the manual for the Nissan Leaf specifically says (PDF, pg 340-1) that "The cooling system is filled at the factory. ... The life expectancy of the factory-fill coolant is 125,000 miles (200,000 km) or 15 years," so give the odometer a check and you'll likely be good to go. Plus, given the overall lower maintenance on an EV compared to a gas-powered car, there's less chance the previous owner "missed" an item when you've buying a used EV. But we don't hear that in the Fox Business clip, which is available below.

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