School Bus Driver Sentenced For Driving Drunk

A school bus driver in Columbus, Ohio, has pled guilty to charges of driving drunk and child endangerment and been sentenced to five days in jail.

Police stopped Tia Denton in December of last year when they noticed a school bus driving erratically through Franklin Country, Ohio, according to NBC4. Officers found an open bottle of whiskey on the bus and Denton failed a field sobriety test. Denton admitted she had started drinking the night before. She had a blood alcohol content of .216.

Denton apologized in court to the parents who entrusted her with their children's care. One parent claimed their 12-year-old was traumatized and refused to ride the school bus after he received whiplash and a concussion due to Denton's reckless driving.

On top of spending five days in jail and losing her driver's license for a year, Denton will need to complete an alcohol treatment program. She was also sentenced to two years probation. She submitted her resignation on Dec. 4, according to NBC4.

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