Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6 is somewhere on American soil right now

  • Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz
Hey, Mercedes-Benz. I love you guys. Seriously. I recently had a blast driving your hot little CLA45 AMG for a week, but now I'm looking for something... bigger. Something a little more, shall we say, robust. Something I can use to really explore the urban Detroit landscape.

And lo, according to your Facebook page, it appears you've brought a G63 AMG 6x6 over to American soil for unsaid reasons. How convenient. I'm more than confident that its six headlock wheels wrapped in 37-inch tires, three axles, six-wheel drive and twin-turbocharged V8 would do a bang-up job of handling everything I could throw at it. And considering its top-notch interior that uses only the finest materials, I'd be able to tackle everything in the lap of indestructible luxury.

It looks as though your G63 6x6 is hanging out in the northeast right now, but listen, I'll make you a deal. Let me drive it from New York to Detroit. In fact, I'll draw a straight line between the two cities and make the 6x6 take that route. After all, this thing is more than capable. Mountains? Pfft. Neighborhoods? Ha! Lake Erie? I'll caulk the G and ford it.

You have my phone number, Mercedes. I'll be waiting...

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