Meet Richard Usher, the man who spent everything to build his own racetrack

Bucket lists are funny things, if only because they are so incredibly unique. A history buff might have a visit to Omaha Beach on their bucket list, while a music enthusiast might be angling for a trip to Graceland or a ticket to a Paul McCartney concert before they die. Sports fans might want to attend a Super Bowl or the World Series or the Stanley Cup finals. For the auto enthusiast, though, the uniquely expensive nature of the objects of our passion – cars – makes our bucket lists considerably more visceral.

The idea of creating your own personal racetrack, though, is big – even for the most extravagant automotive bucket list. But that's just what Richard Usher has done with Blyton Park, a British racetrack at the former RAF Blyton airbase. Blyton itself has been around since 1942, but racing started just a few years back, in 2011.

XCAR has the story on Usher and his track, including its history as an RAF base, how Usher got into the motorsports game, and the current clientele that visit his track. What's telling about the entire video, though, is the way Usher views Blyton Park, which you'll need to watch until the end for. Take a look below and let us know what you think.

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