Today is a sad day for the world of automotive print media, as Source Interlink, the parent company of Motor Trend, Automobile Magazine and Hot Rod, has reportedly shuttered Modified Magazine. It's feared that this is the first of many cuts within the company according to a report on Jalopnik.
The attrition isn't just limited to Modified, which saw its editor, Peter Tarach, released yesterday. Allegedly, layoffs are happening at Truck Trend and even Hot Rod, which Jalop cites as one of Source Interlink's tentpole publications, along with MT. This might not be the end of the cuts, either. The culprits for the layoffs include the usual in the print world – decreasing circulation leading to a lack of advertisers.

Now, it's important to note that it doesn't seem like Motor Trend is in danger. As Jalopnik points out, the brand is very strong and has an excellent YouTube channel at its disposal. The same can't as easily be said of some of the more niche publications in the Source Interlink family, though. We'll stay with this one and will update if there's any official word from SI.

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